Lilly Dockendorf


My name is Lilly Dockendorf, I have been an Ohio resident for 3 years now and absolutely love it. I grew up traveling all over the United States meeting new people from all walks of life, all with wonderful stories to tell. I loved hearing about their lives, their families, and their stories. As a child I dreamt of capturing those moments told to me so the families I met could keep and treasure those moments forever. I started out taking photos at a young age, my grandmother would purchase disposable cameras for me for my birthdays and I would fill them full of family photos as soon as I could rip the package open. The obsession grew over the years and exploded once I became a mother. My son was born prematurely and spent a long time in the hospital, all I was able to take home for the first weeks of his life were the photos of him. From then on I cherished every moment, taking themed photo sessions every month. As he grew we started taking adventures around the United states to all my favorite places growing up, photographing all of our adventures. This year we started traveling to the national parks, camping and hiking and teaching him landscape photography along the way. I love sharing my past and my present love of photography with my son and I now get to share that with other families around Ohio, capturing those very moments I dreamt of as a child.

I am experienced in infant and preemie photography, child and teen sessions, engagement and anniversary, family portraits, landscape, birthdays, and candid shots at home. I have also worked with kids on the autism spectrum, I am very patient and understanding with each family's needs and wants. I recently teamed up with my friend Brad Bailosky to add wedding photography to my list of expertise, I do believe it will be my favorite out of them all. I am excited to capture your first kiss as a married couple, that moment you see your partner walking down the aisle, and all the moments you want to cherish and pass down to your family members to remember forever. LGBT community friendly.